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New Product: 2x12mm NeroX122 NFC glass tag


Freevision supply 13.56MHz rfid glass tags with many different chips, like Mifare 1K, Mifare Ultralight, NTAG203, NTAG213, I CODE SLI, etc, among them, Freevision's brand chip NeroX122 has the best reading performance. Due to the mini glass tag's small size, even though Freevision could make 1.25x7mm, 1.4x8mm such small size, as well as 2x12mm, 3x13mm or bigger size, 2x12mm now has the best performance, with NeroX122 chip, 2x12mm could reach 1-2cm by a normal NFC smart phone.

Freevision could also make the whole kit microchip syringes, people use 2x12mm NeroX122 NFC glass tag, is mainly for easy animal identification using a mobile phone to read the tags directly, or injected into human's body, the hand, arm, to do access control, ePayment.

All of our NFC glass tags are made with Bio-glass Schott 8625, no any harm to animals or humans.

Animal Identification

Access Control




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