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New Product: NTAG203 NFC glass tag used for NFC animal identification


With customers' requests and Freevision's continuous development for 13.56MHz NFC rfid glass tags, Freevision finally successfully make NTAG203 NFC glass tags in 1.25x7mm, 1.4x8mm, 2x12mm, 3x13mm, etc.


After many tests, more bigger size, more better reading performance, so that 2x12mm finally could be used to meet the market's demand.


What's more, 2x12mm and 3x13mm could be made as the whole microchip syringes kit, customers could use them for NFC animal identification, or injected to human's body to do access control, ePayment, etc.


With a normal NFC smart phone, the read range of 2x12mm NTAG203 NFC glass tags is around 0.5cm.

Animal Identification

Access Control




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