The LF (125Khz/134.2Khz) RFID antenna coil tag, also called E-Unit, consists of copper wire wound antenna and RFID chip, suitable for experienced user to embedded in RFID products.
RFID coil tag is available in different sizes and chips for different read range, memory size and write mode depends on the application
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Key features

Available both FDX-B and HDX technology
Automatic production line
Higher Quality with minimum error
168Hrs.humidity resistance@60℃ 100% RH

The Freevision iTrack Ear Tag product provides high quality products satisfying ISO11784/785, FDX‐B and HDX international standards. Furthermore, we have the fully automatic inlay product line, which is the only one in Asia. We also would like to announce that our special design could prevent tag dropping out and survive in tougher environment.

Application Cattle, pig and sheep electrical ear tag
R/W standard ISO11784/5 FDX‐B or HDX
Frequency 134.2KHz/125KHz
Operation temperature ‐30°C to 50°C
Material copper wire coil/ antenna and module
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