Smart Retail
As a customer

What makes you frustrated?

A super long queueing?
No ideal goods in vending machine?
The shop you visit is closed already?
As a retailer

Would you like to:

Open a shop 24/7 without employee looking after during the close time?
Increases customer queue’s flowing speed?
Easier to manage the store?
We are the solution provider!
We supply several different types solution for smart retails.
  • A
    · Press button, open the door get in the store
    · Pick up whatever you like
    · Scan and pay
    · Finish and leave
  • B
    · Scan, open the door, and get in
    · Pick up whatever you like
    · Press button and leave
    · Auto-paid by APP
  • C
    · Small fridge
    · Scan open and pick up
    · Auto-paid by APP
    · 24 hours
    · Flexible to fit
  • D
    · Search shop on your app
    · Pay online
    · Pick up on shop
    · Finish and leave
  • E
    · Traditional retail support
    · Pick up and scan
    · Finish and leave
    · No need for queue
Yes, all the above solutions we can supply.
6 smart 24/7 no-employee shop has been operated in Shanghai.
1000+S∙Mall Boxes in C mode have been sold all over China.
Have provided Our solution to many famous supermarkets in China.
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